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200+ Cool Sports and Outdoors Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Calling all athletes and nature lovers to this awesome collection of homemade sports and outdoors costumes. These sports and outdoors easy DIY Halloween costumes are inspired by the games we love and the great outdoors. Best of all, you don’t need to be a professional to make one of these ensembles.

Some fantastic homemade costumes ideas you will see here are scuba divers, hunters and mini golfers. Need a group costume? Try the hilarious Harlem Globetrotters found here.

Another type of DIY costume in this category are for those who prefer to take an inactive role. Sitting on the sidelines is tons of fun when you dress up like a trophy or a mascot. More ideas include a humorous tailgater and awesome football fields. You will even see Stanley Cups here.

In addition, you will find clever ideas tailor-made for Halloween. For instance, an optical illusion headless football player and a zombie cheerleader.

So whether you’re looking for baby zumba costumes or professional wrestlers, check out this section for your DIY Halloween costume inspiration!

Latest Sports and Outdoors Costumes

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Featured Sports and Outdoors Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Golden Trophy Case Group Costume

Golden Trophy Case Group Costume

These costumes were for our school Senior Social, which was a Halloween party for the senior class! We got together as a group and spray painted our sports equipment and clothing in order to make it as gold as can be. Next we painted our bodies completely gold, which took about 2 hours total! Once we were completely gold we couldn’t believe how much we actually looked like real trophies. Read more »

Cutest Lil’ Scuba Diver Costume for a Baby

Cutest Lil' SCUBA diver:

For nine month old Charley Paige, the BEST part of the day is bath-time! It’s no wonder, her Mom and Dad are both SCUBA divers, beach lovers, boaters and ocean seekers. Charley hasn’t been able to go to the beach, yet, (thanks Pandemic) so to cope, her absolute favorite thing to do is wade in her baby pool and splash in the bathtub every, single night until she turns into a prune. With water as her first love, her first Halloween costume was a no brainer .. Cutest lil’ SCUBA diver: “Charley the Chum Chaser”! Read more »

65+ Coolest Homemade Wrestling Costumes

Sexy Homemade Hulk Costume for a Woman

The entertaining world of the WWE provides tons of extravagant DIY costume inspiration. The larger-than-life personalities compete only with their ability to accessorize. So have fun browsing through this collection of homemade wrestling costumes. Read more »