Cool Soccer Ball Childrens Halloween Costume Ideas

Coolest Childrens Halloween Costume Ideas

I had been trying to think of some original childrens Halloween costume this year. I had bought several 3ft. balls for my son that were like blow up beach balls on the inside and had a cloth cover over the outside. I paid $2.00 for each. We choose to use the soccer ball. On several … Read more

Soccer Ball Mascot Costume

Our daughter is a serious soccer player so we made her into a big soccer ball with the club logo on front and number on back. The ball is made of soccer panels hand sewed together. I made a separate liner with stuffing inside to allow it to fit over and around her. We completed … Read more

Suarez the Vampire and Chiellini the Zombie Costume: The Famous Bite

Suarez the Vampire and Chiellini the Zombie Costume: The Famous Bite

My boyfriend and I are big soccer/football fans and couldn’t believe this year when Uruguay’s Louis Suarez BIT Italy’s George Chiellini. It was a famous bite seen around the world and was turned into memes, YouTube videos and dubbed Suarez as a vampire! It wasn’t his first bite (and I am sure it won’t be … Read more

Soccer Childrens Halloween Costume

The idea came to me late at night, as great ideas often do. My daughter was really into soccer and wanted to wear her soccer uniform as a childrens Halloween costume. Well, I knew I could do better than that… instead of a soccer player; she would be the soccer ball as a childrens Halloween … Read more