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Coolest Deep Sea Diver Halloween Costume

Well this is what happens every year!! After a flash of inspiration and about 30 hours of handy work. Its quiet strange what materials you find laying about the house. Everything you see was made from scratch even the suit itself is made from faux leather. The helmet was paper-mached over a large ballon, other parts were: Take away food boxes, hosepipe, rope, coins, shoe boxes, bolts, smoke alarms, old tins of spray, left over leather, bowls, etc… the list goes on.

I had a fantastic time out in Weymouth last new year! Even ran a mile wearing it for Red Nose Day! Am still trying to beat this costume this year but running out of time for ideas.

The best advice I can give anybody when making an outfit is, make sure you can move well and have somewhere to easily pour drink in and a fly zip to pour it out again!

Will be putting this divers costume up for sale on ebay at the end of November 2008 so if interested have a bid.

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  1. You cracked me up with the “easily pour drink in and a fly zip to pour it out again!” Ha Ha Awesome! Look forward to your next one.


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