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Coolest Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume

This Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume came up from exploring the depths of the ocean to show everyone how useful and exciting recycled materials can be. We had a blast creating this costume. It is unisex, versatile and durable.

The diver’s helmet is made from recycled cereal boxes, hot glue, paper mache, recycled plastic bottles and Shellac to weather seal it and give it that copper effect. The valves are removable to prevent murky vision, which, any experienced diver will tell you, can be debilitating and prevent you from finding the coolest of treasures. There are four ports for high visibility – on the right, left, front and top of the helmet.

The only thing that was purchased was the jumpsuit at a surplus store; it was bought new and white for $5. However, I soon had fun dragging it through the mud to give the impression that it had seen many deep sea adventures. We used an old belt with suspenders attached. We added chopped-off sock tops to extend the gloves.

This Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume took approximately twelve hours total.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume”

  1. WOW….how on earth did you come up with that??!! How very creative and artistic!!! Did you get that talent from your mother-in-law???

    Great Job :)

  2. This is the best example of human ingenuity I’ve seen in a while. I really love the authenticity of the helmet. The creative juices were flowing fast when this eco-groovy costume was conceived. I’d love to see more from this designer!

  3. Wow! I’m so impressed with this costume and the creators imagination! What wonderful use of materials for an authentic looking costume! Well done!!


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