Coolest DIY Indian Costume – Indian Warrior Princess

DIY Indian Costume - Warrior Princess

This DIY Indian costume actually took about 17-18 hours to create all together, with my husband hard at work on the headdress and my daughter and I sewing, beading and painting the rest. It was a great project to do with the family and was fun to create. We usually go out of our way … Read more

Coolest Homemade Great Horned Owl Costume

Homemade Great Horned Owl Costume

We love Halloween and don’t believe in buying costumes, so this year we put our imaginations to work. I have a two year old, so going super scary was out of the question. This Great Horned Owl costume was handmade in one, very long night. The mask was made with recycled cereal boxes, paper mache, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume

Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume

This Homemade Deep Sea Diver Costume came up from exploring the depths of the ocean to show everyone how useful and exciting recycled materials can be. We had a blast creating this costume. It is unisex, versatile and durable. The diver’s helmet is made from recycled cereal boxes, hot glue, paper mache, recycled plastic bottles … Read more