Coolest Homemade Deep Sea Clam Diver Costume

I am 5’4″ tall and I used a size 58 coverall (so I am the legs of the diver) with a backpack to support the upper torso, drain pipe for arms, flower pots, PVC, coffee can lids and an old “fortune teller ball” for the Helmet of this Homemade Deep Sea Clam Diver Costume.

I made the sea creatures out of painted foam rubber and used fish net to cover the rest of me.
My view is un-obstructed, my arms are free and the whole thing stands about 6’6″, so walking indoors is not an issue and I can still “heed nature’s call” if need be.


3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Deep Sea Clam Diver Costume”

  1. I am hosting Halloween party , like I do eat yr. I always have a different theme. This year my theme is Cape Cod. because we have a second home there. This gives me great ideas for costumes!!!thanks….signed clam girl

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