In 2008, a couple of girlfriends and I thought it would be a great idea to bring back some of the 1996 “Magnificent Seven” Women’s Gymnastics team for our Halloween costume. That summer, there were many other Olympians, like Shawn Johnson or Michael Phelps so that is why we decided to go back in time a little.

This 1996 Women’s Olympic Gymnasts group costume was one of the easiest costumes we came up with. We found red, white, and blue track jackets at Kohl’s on sale a couple weeks after labor day. We found some red soffe shorts, white tank tops, and navy blue leggins for underneath.

Surprisingly, we couldn’t find many gold medals. We ended up getting little round wooden circles and spray painted them gold and added red white and blue ribbon. That same ribbon we used tied back our hair for an extra accessory. We decided to put tons of glitter make up on like some of the gymnast do. We also wrapped an ace bandage around my one friends ankle and up her leg so people would know she was Kerri Strug. (we did have crutches for her to use, but getting around in crowded public areas was a little tough.)

To make sure everyone knew who we were, we added little name tags on each jacket. Kerri Strug, Dominque Moceanu, and Amy Chow.

While wondering around celebrating Halloween, we ran into our coach Bela Karolyi and another gymnast so we decided to take a team photo!