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Coolest Olympic Gymnastics Team Costume

My two friends and I decided to be the USA Olympic Gymnastic Team. So for our Olympic Gymnastics Team Costume we got plain black ballet leotards from a party store and added sequins, patches and decals to them.

The sleeves had USA down them and there was an American flag on the back of the leotards. The front had star patches and sequins (I had to hand sew everything one by one because when the fabric stretched things started to rip off). We taped up our wrists and fingers with medical tape so that we looked like we were ready to do a sweet bar routine.

We added lots of huge hair clips as well as glitter to out perfectly straightened pony tails. Then we tied ribbons in our hair too! We also wore some excessive stage makeup. I used some old medals from swimming that happened to be red, white and blue. We also used silk flowers for our awards bouquet.

Definitely not a costume for the faint of heart, but we all had a blast wearing them!

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