Coolest Homemade Family Camping Costumes

family camping costumes

The Idea for our Family Camping Costumes Our family loves camping and it is our dream to one day have a cute vintage trailer of our own! So we became our own campsite with these family camping costumes. Constructing the Trailer I started by googling vintage trailers. We LOVE the Shasta design so that is what … Read more

Coolest Happy Camper Costume

Coolest Happy Camper Costume

My family and I like to go camping before Halloween. We go to a campground near us that has some activities all weekend. Last year I went as a campfire and it was a hit. I thought what to do for this year, and I decided a camper would be fun to make. That is … Read more

Let’s Go Camping Family Costume Idea

Let's Go Camping Family Costume Idea

The camping theme family costume idea was inspired by a family trip to a National Park. Cabin (worn by my Husband):  This cozy cabin will keep you safe from pesky critters.  It’s made of a felt sewn shell and reinforced with box/poster board. Cub Scout (worn by my 7 year old son):  This well-prepared Cub … Read more

Homemade Camping Tent Costume

Homemade Camping Tent Costume

This is our Not-So-Happy Homemade Camping Tent Costume I created for my 7 year old son this year! We got the idea after reading a little about similar ideas using only clothing to get the image but we took it a step further and created the entire tent of doom! I started with a square … Read more

Coolest Dome Tent Costume

Homemade Dome Tent Costume

My five-year-old loves to go camping, so I thought it would be fun to create a Homemade Dome Tent Costume for him. He LOVED it. I started with a cardboard box. I cut the top and bottom flaps off of the box and folded the rest of it flat. That resulted in two layers of … Read more