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Let’s Go Camping Family Costume Idea

The camping theme family costume idea was inspired by a family trip to a National Park.

Cabin (worn by my Husband):  This cozy cabin will keep you safe from pesky critters.  It’s made of a felt sewn shell and reinforced with box/poster board.

Cub Scout (worn by my 7 year old son):  This well-prepared Cub unfortunately can’t see the bear about to attack from behind.  It’s made of a vintage cubs scout uniform from 1985; the bear is sewn, filled with plastic grocery bags and dry cleaning hangers, and attached to a backpack with velcro and yarn.

Swiss Army knife:  This trusty Swiss Army knife offers any tool you need including, knife, scissors, cork screw, saw, and toothpick.  The main section is sewn of felt and vinyl and the cork screw and scissors are made of cardboard, aluminum foil and wire hangers.

Camp fire:  This warm camp fire is great for singing camp songs around and making s’mores:  The black felt shell is sewn like a dress with a hula-hoop in the hem.  Then rocks, logs and flames are attached with hot glue gun

The annual costume making process is a great family tradition in our house.  We brainstorm for months.  When we toss around ideas we Google clip art images for that topic to see what is quintessentially associated with that theme.  That’s where we saw a cartoon of a boy-scout looking binoculars while a bear is behind him.  I decided cabin over tent, because tent seemed more obvious and I really wanted a wooden “CAMP” sign somewhere.   Many times cool objects don’t fit the shape of a human, but the Swiss Army knife was great in this regard.  It has core with limbs.  The campfire required classic tailoring to create a dress with a hoop skirt”.

The kids helped in every step of the process. Overall our family costume idea was tons of family fun!

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