Funny Crossfit Douche Bag Costume

Funny Crossfit Douche Bag Costume

Wearing our CrossFit Douche Bag costume, we went on a ghost tour with our friends. As we walked around learning about the haunted places downtown, people kept coming up to us and saying we had such a creative and funny costume. People were impressed that we incorporated our dogs in our theme. We were happy … Read more

Cutest 80’s Workout Girls Couple Costume for Toddlers

Cutest 80's Workout Girls Couple Costume for Toddlers

My best friend and I knew that we wanted our little girls to have coordinating costumes that were cute, funny AND unique for our church’s Trunk or Treat event for Halloween 2014. After many discussions, we finally decided on 80’s exercise girls. We both found old swimsuits, bought the white tights at Walmart to go … Read more

Cute Baby Aerobic Instructor Costume: Let’s Get Physical, Physical!

Cute Baby Aerobic Instructor Costume: Let's Get Physical, Physical!

This was my daughter’s second Halloween costume.  It was VERY last minute and very inexpensive! Half of the stuff I already had.  I was absolutely against a pre-made store costume. She already had hot pink leggings, the leg warmers, and puma shoes. I only had to purchase the leotard (six dollars), a thrift shop sweat shirt … Read more

Cute Jane Fonda 80’s Workout Costume for a Toddler

Cute Jane Fonda 80's Workout Costume for a Toddler

80’s workout princess! It started as a play on her name -Anna Jane turned into Anna Jane Fonda. It took several months to find all of the pieces to make it perfect. Even better is when she wears it she begins to Jazzercise on her own and everyone laughs and makes a fuss over her! … Read more

Cutest Baby Zumba Costume

Cutest Baby Zumba Costume

The idea for this costume came from the awesome Zumba outfits everyone was wearing at the gym. Sparkles, cut up t shirts and bright socks. The costume is easy and quick to make. All you really need is some scissors to cut the bottoms off bright socks, (I got mine at Target, ) and to … Read more