Cute Baby Aerobic Instructor Costume: Let’s Get Physical, Physical!

This was my daughter’s second Halloween costume.  It was VERY last minute and very inexpensive! Half of the stuff I already had.  I was absolutely against a pre-made store costume.

She already had hot pink leggings, the leg warmers, and puma shoes. I only had to purchase the leotard (six dollars), a thrift shop sweat shirt (two dollars) and the sweat band (two dollars).  I also purchased a package of RIT dye.

I dyed the sweat band from white to purple to match her sweat shirt and that was the costume!

Everyone LOVED it!  Everyone expects to see a baby dressed as a bumble bee or giraffe, so when something this adorable comes along people go crazy.  I was very proud of my last minute, CHEAP costume!