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Coolest Hulk Hogan Costume for a 2 Year Old Boy

This year my 2 year old went as Hulk Hogan.

How I did it: 

Bandanna: Just a red bandanna from the dollar store. I tied it to Oliver’s head to measure it, and then I took a Lady Gaga wig and I cut it along the webbing. I glued the webbing to the inside of the tied bandanna. Then I glued the bandanna closed, so all I would have to do is put it on his head, like a hat.

Shirt: The shirt was a regular white long sleeved shirt from Target. I dyed the shirt bright yellow and then cut the sleeves off. I found the Hulkamania font online and just traced it onto the shirt. I used a black fabric marker to outline the letters and then filled them in with red fabric paint.

Muscles: Bought from Party City.

Pants: They were white tights from Target. I dyed them red.

Shoe Covers: I originally was going to dye a pair of socks yellow to go over his sneakers, but then I found the sleeves to the shirt. They ended up working perfectly. I just pulled them over his legs and down over the sneakers. I’m really glad I didn’t toss them.

We bought a stick on mustache, but he didn’t like it so I painted one on with yellow face paint. 

His costume was a huge hit, everyone loved it and he did too. His baby brother went as “Andre the Giant”

Coolest Hulk Hogan Costume for a 2 Year Old Boy

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