Coolest Hulk Hogan Child Costume

We had another costume lined up for my son, but it ended up being too small, so this was very last minute.

Mens doo rag that I tied to fit his head. Then I cut a piece of a child’s blonde wig and sewed it to the back of the doo rag. I cut the sleeves off a woman’s shirt and made pants (medium shirt sleeves make good 18 month size pants), then (because it was so last minute) I had to tie die them with food coloring because I didn’t have dye :).

Painted the logo on a little girls’ yellow shirt with acrylics, cut off sleeves, and then ripped shirt down the center. Made a skin toned shirt by dying a white boys shirt in tea, and drew the muscles on with brown eye make-up. Cheap kids glasses (party favor aisle), and white face paint for a mustache. Dollar store wrestling belt.

All the clothing was bought at a thrift store. We just happen to have these red shoes, but any gym shoe would work. He rocked it!

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