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Coolest 65+ Homemade Wrestling Costumes

The entertaining world of the WWE provides tons of extravagant DIY costume inspiration. The larger-than-life personalities compete only with their ability to accessorize. So have fun browsing through this collection of homemade wrestling costumes.

If you were around for Hulkmania, you will love this collection of flamboyant and fun homemade costumes! Hulk Hogan’s signature yellow and red costume splashes across these pages. People of all ages can relate to his enthusiasm and passion for wrestling. Whether you are a fan of his from the 80s or if you’re more into Holywood Hulk, there is a bit of the DIY costume Hulk for everyone.

Also, you will find homemade Macho Man Randy Savage costumes, Legion of Doom costumes, Jake the Snake costumes and Ultimate Warrior costumes.

So, hit the gym or just learn how to create a DIY costume six pack. But definitely check out these wrestling costumes for a colorful homemade costume!

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