My girlfriend and I are pretty creative when it comes to Halloween couple costume making. I thought “who is the most bad ass team to walk the squared circle?” Easy, the LOD. The most noticeable thing with the Legion of Doom is the shoulder pads and the face paint, the rest is all pretty easy.

First, I searched Amazon for shoulder pads, preferably black ones since they’d be getting painted and the black pads under would wanna stay black. So I got an adult pair, sized off their sizing chart because I’m around 6’2″ 250 lbs, and my girlfriend got a youth pair because she’s tiny around 5’2-5’3″ 135 lbs. Once we got the shoulder pads we masked off everything we wanted to stay black and spray painted the rest red. Next, we purchased aluminum spikes from the biggest ones they had I think they were 2 and a half inches long and screw in the bottom. My girlfriend also fashioned even larger spikes out of foam from a craft store which we glued and screwed in, and wrapped them with electric tape for color and for some size variation. Once we attached the spikes the pads really came together

I found some old soccer shin guard, taped those off, painted them and added some smaller tree spikes just for added bad ass-ness.

I bought a couple kids tag belts off Amazon, and spandex pants. The belts were only worn for pictures but were a nice added touch seeing that the LOD were always champions.

We both had our own big boots that werent wrestlig boots but worked well enough and we each did our own make up.

We were easily the best, and most intimidating costume at every party and won a couple contests.

Reminder: It is tough to drive with those shoulder pads on and you are wider then before so walking around corners and crowded parties is difficult…but so worth it!!!