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Sexy Homemade Hulk Costume for a Woman

Hulkamania’s running wild! My name is Trish W. I am a bartender for The Round Up in Green Bay, WI. I usually go as something on the sexy side for Halloween and I wanted to do something funny this year. So many of my customers say I look like I work out a lot and that I am built like a wrestler. I found that really funny, so I started thinking what could I go as. I came across a photo of Hulk Hogan and thought that would be funny.

I searched high and low for red shorts and a yellow tank top. Needless to say, that wasn’t easy. I got lucky, though, and found a pair of red boy shorts underwear and I bought a white tank top and dyed it yellow. I couldn’t find a boa, socks, nothing; so I dyed the socks, searched in the kids toy department for my belt and randomly found the boa in the sewing department at Walmart. Now the hardest part was getting just the right stash.

The first night I whipped up some stuffed animal hair because I could only find black or brown beards. So then on the second night, I really wanted it PERFECT; so, I went in to the kids department in the girls section and looked for Cinderella dress-up items where I found single clip on strands of blonde hair. I started thinking “score, this will be easy; cut the hair, glue it together, and I’m golden”. No, not what happened, took me about three hours to get it just right. The hair was so messy and the glue made it worse. But some patience and hair spray, AND PERFECTION.

I walked into work and it took me about an hour till I could start. EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE in the bar wanted their picture with me. I ran around all night saying “Amen Brother”.

Then, when a customer would ask for a drink, I would tilt to the side and put my hand to my ear. The whole bar was laughing. It was so much fun. Customers were calling their friends and telling them to come down just to check it out.

My husband had NO clue what I was going as; he thought I was going as a super sexy wrestling Diva. As I got ready, he left to the neighbors’ house. So I told him that I would show him before I headed to work. I knocked on the door and yelled “WHAT UP BROTHER?”. The entire house was rolling; they couldn’t believe how awesome it was! And my husband is still laughing at me. Pretty sure he was jealous. It was fun. I don’t know if I can top it.

Sexy Homemade Hulk Costume for a Woman

Sexy Homemade Hulk Costume for a Woman

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