Another year, another awesome Halloween! My friends and I decided to go with a tribute to the Harlem Globetrotters of the past; you know Curly and the gang. So with that idea here is what we did.

First off we order the old school converse all-stars off line at the converse website and had them customized with red, white and blue colors. The socks were also ordered off line from a skate boarding website. The shorts were my own creation using fabric paint and a glitter combination that I painted on using painters tape to keep the lines nice and straight. The shorts themselves are women’s cotton gym shorts to give that old school short-shorts look. Underneath the shorts we used dark plus size nylons so that we did not have to paint our legs and mess up our cool white socks.

The jerseys I had made by a screen print shop to replicate as best as possible the original jerseys and yes they do say, “The Original Harlem Globetrotters.” The paint was made by Ben Nye paints and to create a more authentic look we used two different color browns. The wigs, bald caps, headbands and wristbands were also purchased online.

And last but not least my favorite part of the costume the ball that stays on the tip of your finger was a novelty gift from the Harlem Globetrotters website, this really set off the costume, especially since none of us know any cool tricks.

Thanks for checking us out and you can check out our Smurfs or Carebears group costumes from the previous years.

Total Cost – $150 (per costume)