Awesome Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

As with any kid who grew up in the 80’s I was a fan of the Smurfs and what better way to pay tribute to the classic cartoon than to be dressed in the Smurfs costume. As you can see we have Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy smurf and Taylor smurf.

All of the pants for the guys were white pajama pants and papa Smurf’s were dyed red. The hats were sewn together because as we found nobody sells a smurf hat. Our feet that can not be seen by the picture were covered in fabric that were sewn in the shape of our shoes and held on by elastic to give that authentic smurf look.

Smurfettes costume was somewhat the same but we used a Marilyn Monroe dress to get the right look. The paint we found to work best was the Ben Nye liquid paint. Words of advice make sure to apply lots of the presealer before applying the paint because it helps the paint adhere much better. Total cost per smurf about $30

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  1. I love the SMURFETTE costume…how much paint and pre-sealer was needed per person? Does the paint rub off very easily?

  2. We used about a bottle per two persons. I believe the bottles were 3 or 4 oz. We tried to airbrush it on but it ended up working a lot better just to use makeup sponges.

  3. This is the best costume i have ever seen and it has truly inspired me. i was dangerously close to just getting some lame costume from the store but i’m gonna try to be Smurfette. I’m ordering my paint and stuff and I cant find anything that says presealer just final seal but I read on one of the websites it can be the used as the same thing. If that’s what you all got did you all get the spray or the other kind? You all are the best smurfs I’ve ever seen and I just want to pull this costume off as well as you all did. Can you just be very specific with me as I have no experience with stage makeup. thanks!

  4. The final seal is what we used before and after. And to be honest it is so important, we learned to place the sealer on really well before the paint. The sealer we used was the spray and what it does is creates a sticky surface for the paint to adhere to. Once you have a good coating of the sealer let it dry and apply the paint. Both the paint and the sealer are from Ben Nye. The paint was not cream but liquid, we used makeup sponges to apply. We did try to airbush but that did not workout so well. It took about one 3 or 4 oz. thing of sealer and paint to do each person. I think Smurfette took a little more because she did her legs down to her thigh high nylons. Once the paint is on nice and thick we then let it dry and sprayed more sealer to create a nice barrier layer. The key I can not stress this enough is to place the sealer on nice and good before the paint. We found the paint only came off where we shorted the sealer. And for the record we are not makeup artist and this was the first time we used paint for a costume. If you have any other questions let me know. Thanks for the feedback!!

  5. I looked at the Ben Nye body paint and am having trouble on which shade of blue to pick. What color did you order?

  6. Hey!
    We are 99% sure we are attempting this idea!( which is great) but we were wondering can you actually sit down on couches and stuff and not get paint everywhere?

  7. The paint color that we used was the blue (ML08). Online that is how they have the paint described we actually bought ours from a local costume shop so it was just called blue. As far as the paint coming off, I would not sit down on a couch. The paint will come off, but the better you apply the final sealer at the end the better it will stay on. Either way the paint came off of whatever we touched with soap and water.

  8. To make the hats I measured one of our heads around to get the size that they would need to be. Then I took that measurement and divided it in half for the pattern size. I then drew out what half of the hat would look like from the side with a bottom opening using the 1/2 measurement number that I came up with. I used this as a pattern. Then I took the pattern and laid it out on fleece and cut two side out and sewed the two halves together to form the hat. Also I put a little stuffing in the tip of the hat to give it a nice round look. Thanks again for the positive feedback!

  9. hey i got my stuff ordered and everything i was just wondering if you sweat the paint off as the night progresses. like will it come off my armpits and hands? did yall do yalls palms and did yall bring paint with yall for touch ups? did u put it in ur ears? im planning on doing my whole person just scared of the mess i might make. how long does it take about cuz i will be pressed for time. should i paint myself before i take my kids trick or treating or should i just wait till im ready to go out. it may be kinda hot where i live? thanks again for sharing your ideas!

  10. I am not sure about the sweating problem. I live in Michigan so being hot was not an issue. My only advice would be to add extra final seal to the areas where you are worried. The final seal does a pretty good job or stopping any sweat because it is so sticky. As far as painting my hands and ears we did and only did it once and it did not need to be touched up.

  11. Does the paint stain your skin? I have a big meeting the day after Halloween, and don’t want to show up looking blue!! You guys look GREAT! I’m glad I came across your picture!

  12. The paint did not stain our skin and comes off with soap and water. The only thing is you will be finding tiny spots of paint that you miss for days, LOL. Good luck!

  13. Props on the costume. Looks really good, I had no clue what to do for Halloween but somehow ended up on here and wasn’t even looking but here I am. This is sweet, I’m gonna run it by the roommates and a couple of friends and try and persuade them into doing this cuz it really looks AMAZING and not a budget buster.

  14. What did you do for your hair? Did you dye that blue? Or did the hat cover your hair completely? Can you use that Ben Nye stuff in your hair?

  15. You said you would not sit on a couch because it would run off. I need to drive somewhere after getting dressed up how would I get somewhere with out the paint coming off my back onto the car seat or towel used for the seat?

  16. Please,Please, Please tell me where or how you got such GREAT hair for the Smurfette costume…and is it sewn into the hat? Is it simply a wig and if it is, where did you get it b/c the color is so yellow!!! Thanks! Great outfits!

  17. I was wondering if this paint flaked or crackled, and if you had to shave your arms or not due to the hair affecting it?

  18. awesome job man. just wondering if you think the paint would cover tattoos or not. both of my arms are completely covered in tattoos.

  19. Took your idea and dressed as Papa Smurf. It was a big hit. People were in shock and wanted their kids to take pictures with me.

    I got a pair of perfect red pants from Walmart. Had to go the women section though. XL was perfect. A little short and the waist had to be taken in. Great idea. The Ben Nye Paint worked great. Use the sealer before and after.

  20. Hi! Okay my husband and I joined everyone else who also loves this idea. I went around today to pick up all the supplies and finally have it all together/ready. We give you “mad props” and as children rocking it out during the 80’s, it was an awesome/well executed set of costumes!
    Happy Halloween…and Cheers to You and the crew ;)

  21. I followed every step, it was a big hit, I stopped in a store before the halloween party and the people there were amazed, they wanted to take pictures with me, when I got to the party, OMG I was the character that everybody loved, well, me and my smurfette!!!! It was awsome!!!!


  22. I worked at a bank in the 80’s and I was a smurff for Halloween. Idrove home for lunch and got soooo many stares. I love it maybe I’ll be that again for my grandkids.

  23. You guys look AWESOME!! all of you inspire me and my boyfriend to be smurfs for Halloween, but I am having a very hard time finding the right blue.

    Do you know what color you used?

  24. awesome costumes!! as for sealer, you can actually just use hairspray as a cheap alternative to going out and buying sealer.

    also, you could just try a better paint. Try Diamond FX, you won’t really even need sealer at all (unless you sweat a lot … then you might need some)

  25. Hi Kevin,

    I have read all the comments, and I still can’t figure out what sealer you used and where you got it. If you could let me know that would be great!!
    Great, great costume.

  26. You guys look incredible! Way to take a risk with the paint I have to say I would be worried about it coming off the next day. The hats are wonderful! Thank you for sharing how to do this with everyone. And people…seriously…instead of asking questions why not read the comments… because your answers are there. Geez.

  27. wow amazing outfits!! I’ve been meaning to dress up as Smurfette for Halloween for years and im finally going to!
    I was just wondering how much of the paint did the girl use for the top of her body and face cause i was going to buy one that’s 18ml will that be enough??

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