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Coolest Homemade Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costumes

We wanted to do a couples costume & since we grew up in the 80’s, what better than smurfs! Luckily my husband already had maroon pants from a previous costume as a used car salesman!

I searched thrift stores for a white dress with no luck, so had to sew one! We also made our hats & Papa smurf shoes. We bought blue long johns for our skin & blue paint of course for faces… beware it’s kinda messy! Halloween store for a blonde wig & beard.

I must admit – Papa smurf looked awesome! Smurfette’s face paint didn’t go on as well… Papa smurf used blue hair spray for his face… I did not! So maybe with a bit more planning find some better or professional face paints that will go on more even.

I do NOT recommend using hair paint for face (it didn’t stain, but not intended for skin!). Also with the homemade dress – I am not that great with the sewing machine – possibly use a real white dress or if you can sew than that would look much better…

Overall, these Papa Smurf and Smurfette costumes were just thrown together within a week. Could have been much better with more planning!

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