For the Smurfette costume I just bought a dress that looked like something Smurfette would wear, and a pair of white shoes and a yellow wig. And for papa Smurf I found a pair of red scrubs and red house shoes. I made the smurf hats by drawing out a pattern for each hat and stitching it together. I added cotton to the top of the smurf hat to keep it standing up.

Pappa smurfs beard was made from gluing cotton balls on to his face with spirit glue. I used a glue stick to make our real eyebrows invisible so that I could draw on more cartoonish eyebrows. I just outlined both of our eyes in blake eye liner to make them more visible and I wore sparkly eyelashes and eyeshadow and painted my lips red to make them more visible. The paint is called Ben Nye theatrical paint. We mixed the blue paint with an oilbased liquid instead of water to keep the blue on our skin and off of other people. We finished the paint job with a top coat spritz that helps the paint to keep from rubbing off also. This paint really stayed on even through all the dancing and it only took one cake of blue paint to cover my legs and upper body and his upper body.

These Homemade Smurfette and Pappa Smurf Adult Halloween Costumes were fun costumes, although I don’t know if I will ever paint my whole body again because it is a lot of work. The whole process of getting both of these costumes together to go out for the night took around 3 hours at least.