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Coolest Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costume

ARE YOU INTO TO BLUE? Papa Smurf and Smurfette is a great homemade costume.

My husband and I had a blast and got cutest couple at a local Halloween party in town for our Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costume. So much fun to dress up. The blue paint had to be the “right blue”. It took lots of mixing to make the perfect smurf shade. Mix white paint with blue to get a lighter shade if your original blue is too dark. White beard is a must for papa’s costume. Very comfy costume and easy to get around in.

Red scrub urbane scrub pants were used for papa’s and then red furry socks were slipped on over for shoes. I had my seamstress make the hats (stuff them so they stand up all night) and my Smurfette dress. I went to the Goodwill store to get the perfect 80’s pumps for Smurfette. I recommended wearing fake eyelashes so you don’t get lost in all the blue.

White gloves are good too but be careful not to touch the blue paint or it will stain. I always put a blue cotton ball on papa’s butt to give him a tail. I stuffed the belly with quilt netting.
Costume was not that expensive. Maybe $100.00 for both costumes. I bought stuff over a period of a week so I can’t remember exactly what I spent. Well worth it though.

It was a lot of fun and should definitely get some laughs. I like it because it is unique and you will stand out in the room. Enjoy!

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