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Coolest Kids Smurf Costumes

I really enjoy making my children’s costumes. After seeing my kids watch The Smurfs a million times, I knew exactly what they would be for Halloween.

Smurfette: I used an old summer white dress, cut out a flower from felt and placed a blue circle in the middle. (taken from a leftover piece of Brainy’s tail.) I also used an old hair ribbon and hot glued it around her waist to jazz it up a bit. For her hair, I used yellow yarn and braided it then sewed the ponytails to the inside of her hat. I dyed some old white tights and a long sleeve white t-shirt with Blue Rit Dye. Her shoes are slippers from the GAP.

Brainy: After searching for a tight fitting shirt and having my oldest son oppose to him wearing a leotard, I finally settled for a thermo shirt which actually worked great. I dyed his shirt with Blue Rit Dye as well. I stuffed his shirt with pillow stuffing to give it the Smurf belly look. I bought the glasses from Wal-Mart. I also got some white unisex sweatpants from Wal-Mart. For his tail, I dyed an old sock blue and stuffed it with felt, then sewed it on his sweats. I covered his shoes in white socks to give it the Smurf foot look.

Face Paint: I bought the dark blue and white liquid face paint from Party City. I mixed them together to try to get it as close to the shade of blue of their shirts as possible. The paint was about $2.00 each. It served the purpose, but it was cheap and after about an hour it began to crack and peel off. I would definitely invest in quality face makeup.

Hats: I traced a pattern on felt and cut out 2 pieces and sewed them together. I put felt in the top of the hats to give it definition.

Brainy Smurf’s Halloween book bag basket: I used an old cereal box and covered it with brown butcher paper. I accordion folded white paper and hot glued it on the side of the box to make it look like a book. I cut an opening in the top so he could put his candy in it. For the book bag straps, I cut straps from a grocery bag. I used a box cutter to cut 4 slits in the box. I put the straps through the slits and tied a knot in the back to ensure that it wouldn’t slip back out.

My children LOVED being the Smurfs in their Homemade Kids Smurf Costumes!!

Homemade Kids Smurf Costumes

Homemade Kids Smurf Costumes

Homemade Kids Smurf Costumes

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