Coolest Carebears Costume

Where do I start? The costumes were a group decision amongst a group of grown men who all thought it was time to shock the local costume party we attend. And if seeing 6 foot tall grown men in bright colored jumpsuits isn’t shock then I am not sure what is.

The Carebear costumes were all down in fleece and we sewn by myself. Before this time I have never sewn anything and had no idea where to start. The local fabric store had patterns for adult size jumpsuits that were used and the patterns for the Carebear logos were hand created. The helmets were vintage motorcycle helmets that were wrapped in fleece and and I used long wood screws that I screwed through the top and attached Styrofoam to for the ears. The cheeks of the helmet where also Styrofoam balls cut in half. The back of the costume also had the correct heart on the rear that all the original Carebears had.

The costume turned out to be a hit and it was what we hoped it to be a shock not just to the people at the contest but to all of the guys once we put them on.

Total cost per costume $70.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

14 thoughts on “Coolest Carebears Costume”

  1. How long did it take you to make these?

    I’m looking at 18 personalized care bears for a engineering class going to a toboggan competition in Canada.

    Wish me luck

  2. These are AWESOME but maybe to cut down on the time and work it took to make the costumes you could have bought adult footie pajamas and then Velcro on the symbols. They look great and you did a great job!

  3. way to go! these are spectacular! you should be quite proud…. and first time sewing?! bravo. All I can say… is eBay! you could turn a nice profit on these.

  4. are you possibly selling these costumes? my daughter is obsessed with the Care Bears and would LOVE IT if my husband and I dressed up as any of these! I could also borrow them and send them back to you right after Halloween. I would (of course) take care of all shipping costs and pay you whatever you thought was fair to buy/borrow the costumes.

  5. me and my mates have been thinking of a 80’s fancy dress idea and one of them said carebears, but i said no way… this has changed my mind there brill ha ha love it


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