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Coolest Homemade Carebear Costumes

As Halloween becomes more and more an excuse to dress *less-than-classily*, it becomes more necessary to create your own costumes in order to stand out. This past year we decided first upon a group of Carebear Costumes, and then set out on an adventure to Target. Here’s where we had to be imaginative, as there is no ‘care bear supply’ section.

After about an hour we had the supplies we needed: Kids sweatpant sets (adult colors didn’t work), kids winter hats with tassles on top (care bear hair!), matching earmuffs (cheeks) whit towels (tummy circle), washcloths in every color (tummy pictures), slippers (feet), heart shaped jewel decals in the school supply section (noses and butt-hearts), and we used old bunny costume tails for the cb tails, cardboard cutouts covered with white terry towel sewn to hats for ears.

The result (after many hours of sewing, gluing, cutting and cleaning) was miraculous!

Homemade Carebear Costumes

Homemade Carebear Costumes

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