My aunt made this Care Bears Costume for my four children. They were very into the Carebears since I have old Care Bear toys and there is a cartoon on TV. Using a light fleece material and a lion (or any animal) pattern. Cropped the tails and added a small heart on the back side. Left off feet, we were going to use same colored socks and put those on after their shoes, but decided to skip that.

Back closes with Velcro so they can play dress up with these and they can get them on and off easily by themselves. She and her daughter drew the belly badges by hand, copying them from a Care Bear website. Then, cut them out of felt and sewed those on after wards. Could use iron on transfer paper, too.

My kids did not want to wear big heavy head pieces so we used headbands and sewed ears on them. I used markers to draw hearts on their noses. You see in the picture Funshine Bear (yellow), Bedtime Bear (blue), Love-a-Lot Bear (pink) and Share Bear (purple). Most people knew right away what they were.

Everyone loved the costumes! Thanks Aunt. S.