My best friend and I knew that we wanted our little girls to have coordinating costumes that were cute, funny AND unique for our church’s Trunk or Treat event for Halloween 2014. After many discussions, we finally decided on 80’s exercise girls. We both found old swimsuits, bought the white tights at Walmart to go under the swimsuits and found two pairs of slouch socks that we cut the toes out of to make leg warmers.

30 minutes before the party. we were cutting sweatshirt necks and sleeves. Had to Google that one to make sure I was doing it correctly! The off-the-shoulder look was hard because the sweatshirt was baby girl’s correct size and probably should have been a few sizes bigger. But they were out of the bigger sizes the day I found it at Target (for $5). One set of wristbands were made by cutting the tops off plain white toddler socks, and the other set is actually the wristbands I had to wear when pregnant to help with nausea! (By the way, they totally work for nausea as well as 80’s accessories!)  I found a four-pack of bright neon bows at Walmart for just a dollar, yay!

We went to work putting on the headbands and putting those lil curls in pigtails! Emily’s skinny belt is a headband belonging to her 5 yr old sister, that just happened to fit perfectly around her waist.

Callie’s boom box was actually big brother’s lunch kit. It was a perfect accessory to the costume, and was ordered from Amazon for $13 earlier in the school year. Best part- I taped an iPhone inside the boombox lunch kit and had Pandora playing 80’s station throughout the night! These little buddies rocked this look! It was definitely the best costume of the night.

We had so many people stop to tell us how cute they were and how much these jazzercisers made them smile. I even had a girl with a newborn tell me that she was going to write it down and use it for her little one next year! Olivia Newton John, workout girls, Jazzercise friends – whatever you want to call them – they were awesome! The only thing that could have improved this costume would be a little baby boy Richard Simmons.

PS- One drawback for the costumes – Not so great for potty training or diaper changing.

Emily, 2 yrs old and Callie, 20 months old.