Hey guys, this is my modern and tattooed randy savage WWE Halloween costume. I’m a big randy savage fan and loved wrestling as a kid. I especially loved watching randy savage as he was a great technical wrestler and was very entertaining, he could be a good guy or a heel and pull it off very well.

So here is a run down on my very simple costume. I created the beard by using a furry fabric I bought at a fabric store, I just penciled out the shape and cut it out with sic corps, then I used double sided tape to keep the beard on my face.

The wig came from a halloween store and it took me forever to find, I’ve been to so many stores full of wigs but finding a medium length brown wig to fit a mans head was a challenge. The glasses and bandanna and tank top were bought online, I didn’t have the materials or time to try to make these myself but to be honest , it didn’t cost too much considering the deals on E-bay this time of the year. Last but not least I added a pair of blue jeans and some wrist tape.

Im planning on taping up my fingers as well as randy savage did at times. I’ve been toying with the ides to create a macho man jacket by using a leather jacket and some tassels that hang down from the arn. I think that might be where I go with this next year , also a cowboy hat and some tights. The other option would be to wear yellow boots with some yellow knee pads and a pair of orange trunks with white stars and macho man printed on the back. So there you have it, and thanks for checking my WWE Halloween costume out.