This year my brother came to me and said he wanted to be Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween and that he needed my help to make his costume. Together we compiled different pieces from a bunch of his costumes and got to work.

The jacket was bought from Value Village, I bought sticky paper and printed out a diamond pattern and stuck the diamonds on the jacket. I got bright pink and green paint and painted the whole jacket and once it was dry I peeled away the diamond stickers (see below).

The leggings were bought from American Apparel and the hat is from the dollar store. My dad liked the Macho Man Randy Savage Costume idea so much he ordered the macho man t-shirt online for the costume. I cut the sleeves off the t-shirt in case he took the jacket off and used the sleeves as the patches on his knees.

The glasses were plain and then my dad painted the stripes on them with white out and the belt is a kids belt bought from Toys R Us. He risked his job at a law firm to grow that beard and on the night that this costume was worn he used fake hair dye to make his hair and beard black. This Macho Man Randy Savage Costume took a lot of time, energy and paint but I think it turned out pretty well!