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Coolest WWF Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Costume

Growing Up in the 80’s I watched WWF, as many people did, and my ICON was the one and only Ultimate Warrior! I took one look at him and thought to myself, I could make a mirror image of him for Halloween…and then it began!

At the fabric store I bought out all their rainbow fluorescent color fabrics, to match the Warrior. I cut the arm and leg bands into thin strips. I found a mullet wig at the store which was a perfect match to his real hair. Face paint from the usual Halloween store. Nothing like some green Speedo’s from Ross, and some white Volleyball knee pads that I covered in fabric and painted his logo on them.

For the face, I spent 45 minutes in the mirror with Q-tips applying the paint, simply by looking at a picture of the real Ultimate Warrior! Turned out Amazing! The best ad-lib part was the boots. I couldn’t find white boots for the life of me that matched the wrestler, so instead, I found some cheap white tennis shoes, and white tube socks. Then I cut up a white T-Shirt into strips, and sewed them on the tube socks to give the impression of frilly boots! Perfecto!! Oh and cannot forget the all body spray on tan I bought, so I actually looked super dark like he did…well I tried!!

To top it off I bought a kids WWF Belt, and painted it yellow to match, then I was set, walking around the streets and parties yelling and being crazy like the Warrior was! I got a lot of shout-outs for sure, people loved it! I was the hit of the party for sure!

No one can top the Ultimate Warrior, one of the 1980’s greatest superhero’s in the Wrestling Ring, next to Hulk Hogan!

Ultimate Warrior Costume

Ultimate Warrior Costume

Ultimate Warrior Costume

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  1. I too am going to be the Ultimate Warrior (albeit a girl version – the ultimate warrioress??).

    What kind of paint is best to use?? I bought some from a Halloween store but it’s really not the best quality.


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