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Cool Homemade Ultimate Warrior Costume

This Homemade Ultimate Warrior Costume was a pain to make, took about 2 weeks of research and roughly 150 bucks (and the jacket is not part of it although I do plan to buy something white if I find it and spray paint it). Finding white boots tall enough for what I wanted to do was nearly impossible (for men’s) so I got short white Elvis boots and boot covers then covered the boot covers with pom pom strings and ripped t-shirts.

That was a mess too, but there it is!
Belt is a kids belt from Toys R Us. Wig is a “seductive lady” wig from a store. Paint is regular face paint, nothing fancy and it stayed on as long as no one rubbed on me. I did get strings etc for my arms but I’m not in that great a shape to pull that off so that is why I have a jacket on. I also painted Ultimate Warrior symbol on the boots and the knee pads etc with markers.

 Ultimate Warrior  Costume

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