I saw a similar idea for a cat lady costume on Pinterest about 3 weeks before Halloween and ran with it. I went to my local thrift store and bought old lady shoes, giant old lady glasses, an old lady dress, a cardigan and a certified crazy cat lady brooch. I then went over to my local dollar store and purchased ankle high nylon stockings, curlers for my hair and 4 stuffed cats.

On Halloween day, I put my hair up in curlers, applied blue eye shadow up to my eyebrows and donned the rest of my costume. Voila! Instant crazy cat lady without the long-term side effects. I got so many compliments on my costume at work that day. I got stared at in the Tim Horton’s drive thru, was asked what I was dressed as, but I mostly had people who laughed and understood what I was dressed up as for Halloween. What a blast I had that day!