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Last Minute Crazy Cat Lady Costume

When my daughter said she wanted to be a “Crazy Cat Lady” I didn’t know what she meant. But she was a nine year old girl with a plan. To say this girl loves cats is an understatement! If she is at a loss for words she “Meows”.

The look on her face in this picture is priceless! She will definitely grow up to be a “Crazy Cat Lady”. Everywhere we went Halloween night the reactions were the same …”best costume all night…so perfect for you!” Brianne was so proud of all the attention she got. I think she would wear this costume every day if she could.

The only drawback was we lost one of the stuffed cats while trick or treating. Which meant the end of trick or treating, in a desperate search for the lonely lost cat. She was prepared to put up lost cat posters if necessary. Luckily, the cat came back because he could not stay away…..The cat came back the very next day! (Found in our friends back yard).

I love this kid! Best costume ever for my little cat crazy kid!


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