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Coolest Crazy Cat Lady and Cats Group Costumes

We got a lot of laughs for these crazy Cat Lady and Cats group costumes!

For the Crazy Cat Lady I used a pajama with cats on it that I already owned and sewed all my daughter’s stuffed cats all over it. The makeup was inspired by Mimi off the Drew Carey Show. And I put curlers in my hair.

The nursing cat I used a long sleeved black shirt. I sewed the white belly on with a piece cut from a white T-shirt. Next I sewed on baby bottle nipples and sewed on some stuffed cats we purchased from a dollar store near the nipples. Ears and tail were purchased from a store. The clawed gloves were left over from my Cat Woman costume a few years ago. Pants were just black work pants. I used a black eyeliner to draw the cat face.

My daughter wore a fur vest with ears purchased from the store and I drew the cat face with the black liner.

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