I made this grumpy cat costume out of foam, hot glue, fake faux fur, and buckram! I made the head, paws, tail, and feet, and the body was made by a friend.

Grumpy Cat Costume Instructions

  • I first sculpted the head on a balaclava bass out of foam and stuck it on with hot glue.
  • Next, I duct taped the whole thing and drew the fur patterns on it.
  • Then I cut out the duct tape and put it on the fur and cut the fur out for the shape.
  • After the pieces were all cut out, I sewed them and then hot glued them on.
  • Then, I shaved the long fur to make a smooth face.
  • Next, I made the eyes out of foamies and buckram and glued them on. Voila! The head was complete!
  • I did the same thing for the paws and tails, except I stuffed them with stuffing, not foam.
  • For the feet I used shoes and sculpted dog like fingers on them, glued, duct taped, traced and sewed the fur, and then hot glued it on.
  • The handpaws were really fun to make. I cut out big pieces of foam into round balls, duct taped them, cut out, traced on fur, then sewed together.
  • To get the rest of the paws on I traced the front and back of my hand and sewed that into the puffy fingers.
  • Then I just added the stuffing into the fingers to make them puffy and squishy!

The hardest part for me was sewing the face of the mask. It’s tricky to glue it on exactly. Overall though, it’s really fun to make!

I go out to conventions in my costume and goodness people LOVE IT! I get so many hugs and photos taken of me in my costume.

My character’s name is Abby. She is a grumpy cat with an interesting attitude of “don’t bother me”. It brings the character to life and makes it really cool!

speaking of costumes, I won 2nd place at Anime Getaway out of 50 people! I was very honored to be awarded with a trophy!

I’d love to be a winner in this costume contest because I love what I do and I really would like making costumes for people and selling them (which I already do) to be my part time job. Supplies are expensive and I would like to get a jump start on getting more supplies like an airbrush which I could use to make realistic wolf suits. I just turned 16 and it would be amazing if I won. My future would be so much brighter in my art industry if I could design costumes as a job.