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Easy Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat Costume for Couples

My girlfriend and I wanted to try and do a couples costume that we were sure we weren’t going to see all over the place this Halloween, but would still be somewhat matching and have a good time with, so we picked to be famous internet cat meme’s Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat.

For Grumpy Cat, we just got a plain white t-shirt we had ($0.00) plus stenciled on the word ‘NO’ with black fabric spray paint ($6.00) by using freezer paper ($2.00). We cut out the letters N and O, and ironed the inverse of them (so it had a hole in the paper, and wasn’t the physical N or O – it was the hole in the freezer paper) on the shirt, then sprayed the shirt. We also just used costume makeup from Walmart (White and Brown, $2.00 each) and some of my dark brown eye shadow for the face painting. Then we created the headband with some pipe cleaner (Only 1 black one, bent into triangle shape) and a half sheet of brown construction paper for the ears and twisted them onto the headband.

If someone were to purchase all the raw materials for this Grumpy Cat costume it could most likely cost them under $20.

My costume was Nyan Cat. I picked up a couple of small foam boards from Walmart ($2.00 each- one for the back and one for the front)and used a brown paper bag for the border of the PopTart ($0.00) and pink and red construction paper taped to the foam board ($3.00 giant pack of construction paper from Walmart). Then for the rainbow bottom I used streamers that I picked up from Party City ($1.00 each- total $6.00) and taped them to the back of the foam board.

I did 2 PopTarts and attached them using yarn and tape ($0.00- had around the house). I put them on my shoulders to measure and had someone help me with making sure they weren’t hanging too low or high. For the face I just used some leftover construction paper and taped pink circles to my face, and used some gray face paint form Party City ($2.00). For my cat ears, I just had a gray hat with cat ears on them already that I used. One could also easily just print out Nyan Cats face and walk around with that on a stick and hold it up like a mask if they wanted and didn’t own cat ears or other materials for the face.

This Nyan Cat costume would cost one about $20 or less, depending on the materials already on hand in the house.

In general, people really loved this costume and laughed when they saw us walking around together! People kept commenting on how Nyan Cat was making them hungry also, who doesn’t love a good PopTart? I had a fun time making these costumes come to life, and really loved being able to show off my hard work when the day came! The best responses were from friends and family on Social Media, as they could really see how these two costumes just matched our own personalities so well!

It made for a very fun Halloween! And as a young couple who can’t really afford to go all out with details or expensive items (One of us in in graduate school for Social Work, and the other is serving in AmeriCorps for the third year in a row), living on a budget is how we survive. Getting crafty and creative with a small amount was a must for these costumes, and lets people know they can look as fabulous on a low budget too!

Easy Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat Costume for Couples

Easy Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat Costume for Couples

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