She’s fierce, an original songwriter artist. a Rockstar! Feisty feline but nice. Sweet  but you must think twice. She has a heart of literate gold. A passion for puzzles. Riddles, fill in the blanks and the puzzle game “Double Trouble. May I formally introduce. Cynthia The Rock-Star Puzzle Cat Goddess!

Cynthia originated from Cairo Egypt. Raised in a half feline family part human and part cat! growing up she learned how to live more dominantly as a cat rather than a human. However she’s got those human smart’s down packed as well! She’s highly intelligent, speaks over seven different languages. At the age of five discovered that she had special martial arts abilities. So yeah she fight! Here brothers in sisters thought that vengeance rained upon them when she was able to fight them off of her! Later on throughout her life she smoothly completed High-School and had “TONS” of friends with no enemies, her heart is filled with a pure load of gold and love. She journeyed on through college to earn her bachelors degree and works as an enterpeneur and a full blown Rockstar goddess!

I absolutely loved filming,taking photos, the make up and planning together this whole costume idea! I adore HALLOWEEN. I love it! This was my first year actually filming and entering Halloween costume contests online. Here in my city of Brunswick, Ga, sadly since there aren’t any local costume contests held here as well as being to “BIG” to enjoy the childhood memories of “Trick or Treating” I decided to do something different aside from trying to give out candy and watch all of the horror film marathons.

Here’s What I used:

  • Distressed Jeans -Home-Made.
  • Home-Made black glitter spiked hill boots.
  • Plain black T-Shirt
  • Jewerly
  • Synthetic braiding hair for “Cat Tail” ( attached with a Bobby pin.)