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Coolest Rockstar Girl Costume

My 3 year old daughter wanted to be batman for Halloween, but since she was just 3 I still wanted to dress her the way that I wanted to because I know in a few years I will not have any say in what she wanted to be.

For this Rockstar Girl costume I started off with a shirt from Target with sculls on it. I got a belt from the local thrift store for 0.29 cents. I used a belt and screwed it into a toy guitar that she had already had for her to wear over her shoulder. I got the fish net stockings at a Halloween store. I got the fish net glove from Party city. I got the boots from a local Once upon a child (kids resell shop). Then just used makeup that I already had. And bought some hair spray in the can (orange).

It was a really easy costume to make. She had everyone taking pictures of her when she was trick or treating.

Rockstar Girl Costume

Rockstar Girl Costume

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