My 8 year old daughter wanted to be an old lady for halloween; so i went to goodwill and bought a dress that an old lady would wear; hunted down an older looking cane; bought some fake glasses; silver hair spray; put pink hair rollers in her hair; knee high socks (one pulled up & one pushed down); had toilet paper hanging out the back of her dress; no finger gloves; she carried a coffee mug;  she wore my slippers and we blew up 2 balloons for her chest area.

I used my my imagination to make her face look like an old lady; such as a black mole on her face; mustashe; bead; and bushy eyebrows.

But best of all; she walked and talked like an old lady and pulled it off!  She had people taking her picture; laughing so much because she would walk up to the door just like an old lady; and she would say trick or treat in an soft; shaky old lady voice. It. Was amazing; she looked great and it was so much fun!