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Simple and Easy 100 Year Old Lady Costume

Meet Crossie and Belva.

Don’t you just love old people? I volunteer at a boarding school and was honored to meet two of the sweetest old ladies. At their advanced age they have truly learned the value of visiting the children at the local school. They enjoy speaking with the kids telling them all about the days of yore. Sure, they are little hard of hearing and sometimes forget what day it is but you don’t meet cuties like these two every day. Just don’t mess with their cross word puzzles or Jeopardy time; you are liable to get your ear pulled off. Hey, you don’t get to 100 by being a push over!

For the 100th day of school my daughter’s first grade class was dressing up as 100 year old people.  I was probably more excited about getting her costume together than she was. I decided to do one for her little sis too. I searched for an old lady dress of some sort and come across two coordinating moo moos. The only issue was that they were size 1 XL. I am not great at the sewing machine but figured I could just take in all the seams and few inches. It worked out pretty well and moo moos are supposed to be easy and breezy anyway.

I completed their attire with rolled down, flesh colored stockings, a shawl with broach and giant glasses. To keep the 3 year old’s glasses on I attached (with a glue gun) some stringed beads to the glasses so she could take them off without losing them. They both were adorned with giant, gaudy costume jewelry. For their hair I dusted it with baby powder and sprayed it with hairspray to keep it from falling out. The eldest daughter’s hair was rolled into a bun and topped with a homemade old lady pin hat.

The hat was very fun to make. I used a clean food container and glued floral printed felt on the outside. I glued flowers to the top and added a Victorian looking button to the middle. I also glued stringed pearls to the edges. I glued elastic on the insided and attached clips to clip it to her hair. The younger girl had sponge rollers in her hair. Of course, it wouldn’t be very believable without the wrinkles that were applied using my eyeliner and concealer.  My girls were so excited to go to school dressed up. The older daughter had children following her around trying to figure out how she looked so old and one classmate told her when she smiled she looked creepy. They both had their picture taken by the yearbook editor.  The three year old was very proud that she made all her friends laugh.

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