We couldn’t decide on a costume until the week of Halloween for our daughters first costume, with such little time we could either do something generic  or make something ourselves.  So we decided to make our own. Babies in a lot of ways  are like elderly and I couldn’t think of anything cuter, especially since she is seven months old and just started standing up by herself.

The walker is made from PVC pipe, gray spray paint, wheels from an umbrella stroller, and two tennis balls, two white mardi gras beads for the necklace and baby sunglasses that I popped the lenses out of and a regular white wig, we used a sweatsuit that we already had but  it reminded us of our grandmas. I loved the glasses and the wig it brought everything together. My favorite was when we got to my grandparents and had her walk in the door with the walker, they laughed for a solid fifteen minutes!

The hardest part was she would only leave it on for a short period of time so we had to take it on and off in between every stop! By far the cutest and funniest costume I have ever seen, next year will be hard to follow this!