This is my son “old man Charlie”! When deciding on a costume this seemed like a natural choice. His wardrobe is already pretty old man like (lots of cardigans) and we had the glasses – all we needed was a walker and mustache!

He hates to wear his glasses, and he’s never worn a mustache (probably goes without saying) but he kept them on all night! He must be an old soul.

This is how the Cutest Little Old Man Costume was Prepared:

  • The walker was made from PVC pipe. We cut the 1 1/2″ PVC pipe into four 16″ pieces for the legs, one 7″ piece for the front, and two 6″ pieces for the sides. They are connected by two elbows and two 3-way connectors.
  • We also glued each of the connections with gorilla glue to make it extra secure.
  • We then spray painted it silver, and added tennis balls to the bottom. We made an “x” on each of the balls with a box cutter.

Our little old man LOVED his walker. It was his favorite new toy. The funny thing is he’d walk with it behind him – insisted on it in fact. We showed up at a trunk or treat and I had him in his old man clothes, and threw the mustache, hat and glasses on him once we got there. I never did a practice run. I did not at all expect him to keep any of the accessories, but he seemed to actually like them. The reactions we got were priceless. Everyone was stopping to look at him. I heard people all around us saying, “O my gosh, that is the cutest costume I’ve ever seen”, “He won best costume for sure”. A crowd of middle school girls was fawning over him, and random people were snapping pictures. I thought he looked super cute, but I was not expecting that reaction! We love our little “Benjamin Button”!