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Adorable Grandparents Baby Costumes

Silas (4 months old) and Gabrielle (5 months old) dressed up for Halloween in a grandma costume and a grandpa costume!  Dressing the babies up as old people was one of the funniest things I’ve ever done! We couldn’t contain our laughter, we were in tears. The ‘poor’ babies were very concerned when tears started flowing.

Preparing the Grandparents Costumes

Grandma Gabrielle’s costume was easy to make. We pieced together a cardigan with a floral dress,  glasses with pearl chain, and a baby hat with cotton balls glued on. We used a hot glue gun for the cotton balls.

Grandpa Silas’ costume had a little more detail. As far as clothes go, he was wearing a white polo, khaki pants, a sweater vest and cabbie hat. For props, we used boy aviator glasses with lenses popped out, a gray mustache & eyebrow kit from the local Halloween store, and bamboo cane cut shorter to size with electrical tape at the end to act as a rubber stopper.

The best part about this costume is the memories that will last forever, we cherished every moment of this even through the good and bad. One day we will be showing their kids these pictures with the same laughter we had before!

These pictures will be hanging on my wall for many years to come. One thing that was super difficult was getting two infants to cooperate at the same time. One would be crying and one would be happy, one would fall over while the other was sitting perfectly. They also loved the props and wouldn’t make eye contact with us at times. Silas kept taking his glasses off and Gabrielle continued to lift her dress up.

We were also working on a time limit because naps were quickly approaching! We got so many reactions to the pictures, people laughed, loved them, said “this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”, family members wanted us to get the pictures printed and framed. Needless to say, I think this was a huge success!

Adorable Grandparents Baby Costumes

Adorable Grandparents Baby Costumes

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