Originally I was just going to dress my boy up as the old man from UP. He is 12 months old. Then I thought why not dress him up with his lady friend who is 9 months old. So we added her to the mix as his lady love as little old people and they rocked it out. We bought pretty much both outfits off consignment and our husbands built the walkers for us.My son’s walker has some added skateboard wheels for functionality.   We bought little kid sunglasses and popped out the lenses and Brynn is wearing an adult size grey wig that worked perfect. THey both kept on their accessories for an exceptionally long period of time! Kaston’s clothes are his size but we put Brynn in some oversized clothes and a fake pearl necklace. We have agreed that we will dress them up together until they no longer let us! :) Can’t wait until next year!!