This is my Iron Man Mark 4 costume from the Iron Man 2 movie. I have always like Iron Man, even before it was a movie. I attempted a costume once, when I was young, and everyone thought that I was a power ranger because no one knew who iron man was (since if it’s not a movie, it doesn’t exist. ha-ha). This time around thought (thanks to the movie) people thought it was the coolest thing ever! Almost every single person thought that I had bought it. They were blown away when I told them that I had hand made everything. I had a following of little kids at the party I took it to on Friday. When I revealed it to everyone, by walking into the party with it on, I got wide eyes and jaw drops from every single adult with a bunch of them saying “Holy crap it’s the real Iron Man!”

The suit is made with thick EVA foam (same as craft foam) and hot glue. I used a paper pattern to cut every single small piece and hot glued it together like a giant puzzle. There were hundreds of small pieces glued together to make the suit. I also used a heat gun to give the foam curve where it needed it. I then spray painted the armor with plasti-dip, then primer, then auto body paint, then a gloss spray. I soldered the lighting system for the eyes, the hands and the chest piece. The chest piece is actually the bottom of a Gatorade bottle with speaker wire. The hands light up when I lift them up as if I’m shooting something. The arms and legs are held in place with a nylon strapping harness system I made that I wear underneath the armor. The suit is actually quite maneuverable and not uncomfortable to where. I just can’t sit while wearing it. The chest piece is actually the bottom of a Gatorade bottle with speaker wire.

I have been making this costume for 14 months in preparation for this Halloween, starting last September and finally finishing this Monday (10-26-2015). I’m guessing it was at least 250 hours, probably more (working on it a few hours a week) I have actually never made a costume like this before, so this is my first time doing something this intense. Hope you enjoy it!