The idea for this Buddhist Monk toddler costume came from my American husband who loves my Asian culture and history. His love for the culture grew even more after visiting Vietnam with my family and I. That’s where he saw many Buddhist temples and loved how calm, serene, and peaceful they were.

Our son Nolan has always had a serious expression since birth that he is now known for. He has a calm, yet strong personality. This year, for Halloween, we wanted to do something different that would fit Nolan’s personality. My husband suggested our son be a Buddhist monk which was perfect for him and humorous for all of us. I love making things and this didn’t seem too difficult, so I went for it. Love it!

This is How We Made this Cute Buddhist Monk Toddler Costume:

  • I bought about two yards of a gold/yellow fabric and about 1.5 yards of a dark red fabric.
  • I cut the yellow fabric according to Nolan’s measurements to make the main robe part. I wanted to design it to where it would be easy for me to remove and to put on him quickly but where he wouldn’t be able to take it off. My sewing machine was down, so I simply used a hot glue gun or Velcro in different places.
  • I cut the red fabric and hung it over his left shoulder and glued it to the back of the robe, but used Velcro to secure it to the front of the robe. This sash acts as a strap to keep the robe part up. Velcroing it to the front, rather than gluing, allows me to undo it easily and get him out quickly if needed.
  • My husband painted some large Mardi Gras beads a brown metallic color. We are both artists so we already had the paint on hand.