Cute Jail Bird Baby Costume

My son’s name is Bentley A. Doiron, so his initials are BAD. This made me decide to go with this costume. He is seven months old and this year will be his first Halloween. I am super excited and cant wait to show this costume off . I love the idea and I think it is perfect for him because he is a mess and keeps me on my toes – he is a handful but I love him!

He looks so cute and I plan on wearing a cop outfit to go along with his costume. He is really silly and everybody loves it. We all think it suits him perfect. Most people do a pumpkin costume for their baby’s first Halloween, I wanted to do something way different and what is better than this? My boyfriend, his father, also thought it was a really good idea and thought it was pretty funny. I loved how the costume had tattoos because I myself have tattoos and love tattoos.

We have for him a little Harley Davidson motor bike and so that is also another reason we liked this idea because we love motor bikes and tattoos. People told us this costume makes him look really tough and handsome. We think our son likes it pretty good because he started crying when we took it off and when he was wearing it he never cries or tries to take off the little striped hat. Another reason why we love this costume and picked it is because the black and white stripes are just adorable. We plan on making a little jail with his wagon when we go out with the costume. For Halloween he should be walking so it will be like he is escaping jail and trying to run away!

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