Two months ago I gave birth to my 10th child, and as a result of losing my job, we were on a very tight budget this year. I had 10 costumes to make on only a couple bucks. I thought of the idea from the movie “vacation” Aunt Edna with her walker……so I went on Craigslist and found one and asked my sister to meet him to pick it up at Walmart parking lot. We never got contact info to whom we were meeting, so my sister went up to people legitimately using their walkers asking them if she could buy it from them LOL…….Soooooo my hubby cut the legs down to my 18 month old daughter Sophias height….we didn’t know if she would push it to trick or treat, but we pretended to let her run us over , and she wouldn’t put it down.

I had an issue finding a small enough wig for her little head, so we went to the dollar store and found those pink rollers, along with those little reading glasses just like her grandma wears as shown in the pict. We paired it with a robe and slippers and taa daa…little old lady she was.

On Halloween, we went to out favorite store in costume for free ice cream. EVERY cashier and managers came down to see her…..the whole store was on standdstill as she walked thru pushing her little walker. When the night came, there was a crowd of about 50 people taking her picture surrounding her in the street. She kept turning around to see what they were all laughing at, unbeknown to her!

So I am greatful that I had to do Halloween on a budget, because I think it was the best costume ever(and easiest)