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Last Minute Old Lady Costume for a Girl

We decided to make my 9 year old daughter an Old Lady for Halloween this year. First we went to the local Thrift Store and got her an ugly sweater, slacks, and fanny pack all for .93 cents . Then we went to my grandma’s house to borrow a few things such as her Velcro shoes ( that actually fit my 9 year old ), big ear rings and scarf . I also borrowed the sponge rollers , glasses, and walking cane from my best friends mom .  The only other thing that I had to buy was some grey hair color spray from our local walmart in the Halloween section for 1.97.

We started off that morning by getting her dressed that way I didn’t mess up her hair after it was rolled. I had her put a long sleeve shirt on under the sweater so it would be so itchy. Then we rolled up her hair in the sponge rollers that took about 30 mins because she has some long – thick hair .  I took her outside when we got it all rolled up and sprayed it down with the grey hair color ( it didn’t turn grey right away it took about 5 mins before you could actually tell it was really grey ).

All that was left to do was put on the VELCRO shoes , pull the pants up as far as they could go with shirt tucked into them , snap on the fanny pack , put on glasses ,put in big ear rings and grab the cane.   So much fun and so little cost .  She came in 2nd place in her age category at our local campground- Hueston Woods annual Halloween thing they have out of at least 30 or more kids.  The best part was watching her play on the playground at the park area and watching her struggle on the monkey bars she actually looked like an old woman having a hard time.

Last Minute Old Lady Costume for a Girl

Last Minute Old Lady Costume for a Girl

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