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Coolest Lil Granny Toddler Costume

Every year I normally create costumes for my kids. This year, I decided that our toddler would be a prefect granny! She’s short, she repeats herself (a lot), she’s incredibly nosy, and we typically wait around for her to complete any task – especially getting in and out of the car, so, she has the personality too! It was a perfect costume for her! Her finished costume wound up looking a lot like a family member of mine, so it was pretty funny!

We got lots of laughs as we went trick or treating and lots of pictures were taken of her. She was a hit in our town.

Perhaps the funniest part was that she used her purse as her trick or treat bag to hold her candy, all she needed was a few wads of Kleenex in her purse and her costume was complete!

This is how I made the Coolest Lil Granny Toddler Costume:

This costume was so easy to make. All it took was a visit to the local Good Will Store and our local dollar store! For the wig, I used a Duck dynasty beard. This worked perfectly. I just put the beard on top of her head and the elastic strap fit under her chin and helped to hold the wig in place. There was lots of leftover “beard” in the back, so I created a bun. Glasses and glass-holders were bought at the local dollar store, I just took out the lenses of the glasses.

Purse, skirt, sweater and jewelry (necklaces and bracelet) were all bought at our local  thrift shop. Her cane was a candy cane (again dollar store) that was spray painted and then a tennis ball added to the bottom. This costume was perhaps one of the easiest (and cheapest) that I had ever made and we got the most laughs from it as well!


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